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  • Touch Ups
    Free touch ups? I offer free touch ups within 1 year of your original appointment. Please send me a picture of your tattoo to my email so I can determine how much time we will need for your touch up. If you need a touch up after 1 year of your original appointment there will be a small fee. For smaller touch ups the fee is generally $50. When is a touch up not free? If there are visible signs of poor or negligent aftercare, picking at the healing design, or if the design placement is in an area that is prone to fading (finger, side of your foot, or palm) then I do not offer free touch ups. I will gladly do the touch up but the cost for a touch up will be a case by case basis.
  • How to schedule an appointment?
    My custom books are currently closed. If you have any questions please send me an email at
  • How to Prepare
    1. Moisturize. Make sure to moisturize the area for a few days prior to your appointment. Please don’t moisturize the area on the day of your appointment. 2. Exfoliate. Please lightly exfoliate the area to make sure your skin is nice and soft. 3. Stay Hydrated. Make sure you are well hydrated. Please do not drink excessive amounts of alcohol the night or two before your appointment. 4. Sleep well. Make sure you get a good nights rest before your appointment. 5. Eat. Make sure to have a filling and nutritious meal before your appointment. 6. SHOWER! Please please please shower, brush teeth, wear deodorant, and wear clean clothes. Refrain from wearing heavy perfume or cologne as this can give me a headache after a while. If your tattoo will be anywhere on your lower leg then please make sure you have a fresh pair of socks to wear or wear shoes that do not make your feet stink. 7. Wear Appropriate Clothes. Wearing comfortable clothing will make your experience much more enjoyable. Please wear layers so that you can adjust your clothes to make sure you are the most comfortable. Some examples of clothing for placement: Back Piece: wear comfy pants and bring a flannel to wear backwards (this will help keep you warm while also providing you with more privacy. Bring pasties if you would like extra nipple coverage. Arm: tank top, or short sleeve shirt Leg: shorts, loose fitting pants, or a dress Stomach or chest: bring pasties or wear a loose fitting shirt that we can tape up or tuck to expose the placement area *If you are unsure about what to wear please just ask me!
  • What to Expect During the Appointment
    Appointment Time! 1. Guests. I prefer no guests. If you feel that you need/want to bring someone along please keep it to only 1 guest. 2. Arriving. Please arrive about 5 minutes before your appointment. If you are more than 10 minutes early please wait in your car or check out Keys Cafe right next door while you wait! 3. Release Form. I will need you to fill out a release form when you get to the studio. Please remember your ID! 4. Door Locked to Studio. The door to the studio is usually locked for security reasons. Please just knock and I will let you in :) 5. Comfort. Please bring items that make you feel comfortable! Snacks, water, headphones, blanket, or even pictures of your pets! I have a TV with streaming services or usually have chill music playing. 6. We go at your pace. If you need a break please do not hesitate to ask! I like to take a break about every hour for myself but we can take breaks whenever. 7. Talking. Please feel free to talk as little or as much as you would like. You will not bother me by talking but I also really do not mind if you want to just put on head phones and zone out :) If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to me and I can clarify anything you may need to know!
  • Parking
    Parking 1. Metered Street Parking: There is metered street parking around Northern Belle Tattoo. The metered parking spot near the shop use the MPLS parking app. 2. Pay Lot: There is a lot behind the shop that you can pay for an entire day. The small QR codes in front of the parking spaces work - the large QR code on the telephone pole is currently invalid. 3. FREE PARKING: Northern Belle Tattoo has 1 designated parking spot that is free to use. It is in the lot next to the shop with a Northern Belle Tattoo sign. If you see this spot open feel free to use it! If you are having any issues with parking I can help you! Please park your car and come into the shop and I will assist you.
  • Second Skin Tattoo Aftercare Instructions
    Second Skin AKA Tegaderm, Saniderm, Derm Shield, ViewGuard, Transparent Waterproof Dressing Leave your second skin bandage on for 3-5 full days after getting your tattoo. It is water resistant but not waterproof, so go ahead and shower as usual - however, please don’t take a bath or go swimming with the bandage. It's normal for your second skin bandage to fill with plasma, ink and blood. This is part of the healing process. If you experience redness or irritation at the edges of the second skin that lasts longer than a couple of days, you may be having a mild reaction to the adhesive on the bandage. If you are having irritation from the second skin you can remove it at any time. Please be extremely gentle when removing the second skin if it has been less than 24 hours. The best way to remove your second skin is to slowly peel it off in the shower. The water will release the adhesive and should not cause you any pain. Please do not rip off the second skin like a bandaid. This can cause damage to your skin and new tattoo! Please remove the second skin if it becomes damaged, rolls up to expose the tattoo, or starts leaking. Please be gentle when removing. You are still healing under the bandage! IMPORTANT! If the second skin is leaking it is critical that you remove the film. Bacteria are able to get under the second skin if there is an opening and this increases your risk of infection. Do not try to tape the second skin or reapply it in any way. It is much safer for you to just follow traditional aftercare instructions if this happens. After 3-5 days, the best way to remove your second skin is to slowly peel it off in the shower. You still have a fresh tattoo and it will be tender! After the second skin is removed, wash and moisturize your tattoo as usual. Follow the traditional aftercare instructions after you remove your second skin. Consult a health care professional at the first sign of infection.
  • Hours and Availability
    Hours: Tuesday - Friday 12pm-7pm For new custom requests: Custom books are closed. Upcoming flash sales: July 27th at 9am! September - TBD Flash Days/Walk-in Days: TBD Guest Spots: TBD
  • Custom Design - Mock ups or preview of the design before appointment
    I do not send out designs prior to appointments. The reason I do not send out designs prior to your appointment is to protect my time and designs. I do in person consultations for most of my custom projects. During a consultation we will make a rough draft of the idea together. I know it can feel nerve racking to not be able to see the design before your appointment. We will have plenty of time during your appointment to make any changes if needed.
  • Rescheduling, Cancellations, or Late?
    Rescheduling or cancellations? If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment contact me directly via email ( Please give me at least 72 hours notice!! Deposits are not refundable under any circumstance! RESCHEDULING 72 hours +: If you need to reschedule please give me at least 72 hours notice. I allow 1 reschedule. If you need to reschedule more than 1 time I require an additional $100 deposit. 24 hours or less/same day: If you need to reschedule an appointment 24 hours or less or on the same day of your scheduled appointment time you will lose your original $100 deposit. There are no exceptions to this policy. A new $100 deposit will be required to reschedule. No call no shows will cause you to forfeit your deposit. Late? If you are 15 minutes late and do not contact me to let me know you are running late you will be considered a no call no show. If you are more than 20 minutes late you risk losing your deposit even if you contact me. If you are late I may not have time to tattoo you. I reserve the right to deny service to anyone for not respecting my time and boundaries. DEPOSITS ARE NONREFUNDABLE
  • Pricing, Hourly Rate, and Deposit
    What is your Hourly Rate? My rate for custom designs is $175 an hour* My rate is $150 for select Flash or Predawn Designs* Some flash designs or smaller custom pieces will be given a flat rate. *My rates will increase slightly on August 1st of 2024. Custom rate will be $200 and flash rate will be $175 an hour* As I have gained more experience I have become much faster at providing a quality product. The rate increase is needed to reflect that. This rate change will only apply to new projects with appointments that start after 8/1/24. For ongoing projects started before 8/1/24 the $175 an hour rate will be honored. Pricing? For smaller pieces - I will give you a flat rate price estimate for the entire design. For larger pieces - I charge hourly ($175 an hour*) and I generally tattoo about 3-4 hours per session for larger pieces. I am very transparent with pricing and will always provide you with a flat rate for the piece or a price estimate range if the piece is larger. As always please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about pricing. What is your minimum? My minimum pricing is $175. How do I pay a deposit? I do a standard $100 nonrefundable deposit. If you need to put down a deposit to schedule an appointment I will give you all of the details on how to do that through email. Deposits are nonrefundable! How do I pay for my tattoo? I accept cash, Venmo or credit cards. For all payments with Venmo will have a 2% convenience fee and all payments with a credit card will have a 4% convenience fee. Your deposit will be used toward the final cost of your tattoo. Do you accept tips? I greatly appreciate tips. A tip can be a great way to show me that you appreciate the piece, the effort it took to schedule, plan, design your tattoo, and facilitate a comfortable environment for your appointment. Tips are not required. I charge what a tattoo costs and I will not be mad or disappointed if you do not give me a tip.
  • Custom Designs
    My custom books are closed. Projects that I feel the most inspired by: -Small to Large scale flora/fauna designs (wildflowers, birds, bugs, animals, mushrooms, ferns) -Small-Medium scale ornamental designs (back piece, thigh piece, matching elbows) -Moths/butterflies -Folk inspired pieces -Floral pieces Projects I'm not accepting now: -Floral bouquets -Wrapping vines -Pet Portraits -Fantasy creatures -Small finger designs Projects I do not accept: -Religious tattoos -Tattoos that support hatred or violence If I do not accept your design please do not take it personally. I can only take on so many projects. I will try my best to recommend another artist if I cannot take on your project. Please reach out to me via email ( if you have any questions. Thanks!
  • Traditional Aftercare Instructions
    Day 1: You’ll come home from the tattoo studio with a bandage or plastic wrap over your tattoo. After a few hours, you can remove it. Once the covering comes off, you’ll probably notice fluid oozing from the tattoo. This is blood, plasma (the clear part of blood), and some extra ink. It’s normal. Your skin will also be red and sore. It might feel slightly warm to the touch. With clean hands, wash the tattoo with warm water and a fragrance-free soap. Apply a thin layer of fragrance-free and alcohol-free moisturizer. Leave the covering off so the tattoo can heal. Days 2 to 3: By now, your tattoo will have a duller, cloudier appearance. This happens as your skin heals. Scabs will start to form. Wash your tattoo once or twice a day, and apply a thin layer of fragrance-free and alcohol-free moisturizer. When you wash, you might notice some ink running into the sink. This is just excess ink that’s come up through your skin. Days 4 to 6: The redness should start to fade. You’ll probably notice some light scabbing over the tattoo. The scabs shouldn’t be as thick as the scabs you get when you cut yourself, but they’ll be raised. Don’t pick at the scabs — this can cause scarring. Keep washing your tattoo once or twice a day. Apply a thin layer of fragrance-free and alcohol-free moisturizer. Days 6 to 14: The scabs have hardened and will begin to flake off. Don’t pick at them or try to pull them off. Let them come off naturally. Otherwise, you could pull out the ink and leave scars. At this point, your skin may feel very itchy. Gently rub on a fragrance-free and alcohol-free moisturizer several times a day to relieve the itch. Days 15 to 30: In this last stage of healing, most of the big flakes will be gone and the scabs should be going away. You might still see some dead skin, but it should eventually clear up too. The tattooed area might still look dry and dull. Keep moisturizing until the skin looks hydrated again. By the second or third week, the outer layers of skin should’ve healed. It may take 3 to 4 months for the lower layers to completely heal. By the end of your third month, the tattoo should look as bright and vivid as the artist intended. Consult a health care professional at the first sign of infection. Visit: for more information
  • Waitlist Update!
    Below is a general timeline for my current waitlist. :) I am not currently adding to the waitlist. This is an update to those already added to my waitlist. I will reopen my books when I am able to get everyone on my waitlist scheduled. If you were added in March: I am starting to reach out to those who were added to my waitlist in March. If this is you, you should expect to see an email sometime in the next 2-5 weeks. Appointment times for this group would be around September-December. If you were added in April: You should expect to see an email back from me around fall (October-December). I am estimating appointment times for this group will be for January-April of 2025. If this timeline is too long for you or you would like to be removed from my waitlist for any reason please reach out to me via email! It is helpful if you let me know you are no longer interested because it moves the process along much quicker for others on the list. :) Updated 5/30/24
  • General Appointment Reminders and Information
    Location? I am at Northern Belle Tattoo Studio, 132 10th St E, St Paul, MN 55101. The door is locked most of the time for security. Please just knock and I will let you in! :) Parking?! There are metered street parking spots and a pay lot in the back of the shop. Please visit the FAQ on my website for more detailed instructions for parking. Rescheduling or cancellations? If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment contact me directly via email ( Please give me at least 72 hours notice. Deposits are nonrefundable. If you need to reschedule 24 hours or less to your appointment time you will lose your deposit and will need to put a new deposit down to reschedule. When to arrive? Please arrive approx. 5 minutes before your appointment to fill out the release form and get settled. If you are more than 15 minutes late you risk forfeiting your deposit. How to pay? I accept cash, Venmo, and credit cards. Cash tips are appreciated! Venmo will have a 2% and credit cards will have a 4% convenience fee. Please do not use numbing cream without consulting me first.
  • Pain Management and Tattoo Anxiety
    First Tattoo EVER Anxiety or General Tattoo Anxiety: I have tattooed a lot of first tattoos for people. I know how nerve racking it can feel. I am here to help! This should not feel like a daunting experience. It should feel exciting and fun! If this is your first tattoo please let me know and I will make sure to explain the whole process in detail and make sure you are comfortable. Remember to breathe and that you are strong and totally capable of getting a tattoo. If you feel that you need to bring someone along to help with anxiety please keep it to only 1 guest. Please refer to my FAQ on how to prepare for your tattoo if you need more information on how to make sure you appointment goes as smooth as possible. Coping Mechanisms for Pain Management: If you are anxious about the pain level for your next tattoo make sure you bring some comforts from home. These things can include: your favorite pillow, candy, water bottle, headphones, music, or have a movie queued up! Just remember to breathe and try to distract yourself. Numbing Creams: I generally do not advise the use of numbing cream. If you feel that you need numbing cream just be aware that it will only last about 45 minutes before wearing off. Please reach out to me if you have additional questions about numbing creams. Tattoos can hurt but it is a manageable pain that you will acclimate too after about 10 minutes. You got this!
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